Book Launch Coming this August

Have you wondered where I've been? Where's another blog?

Well...I've been busy finishing up final details of a book I've been working on since 2009. A book I started writing just because friends said I should write a book. Not because I dreamed of being an author or thought I could do this. But to simply see what would it look like if I did.

Well, it evolved and took on a life of it's own since February 2009. The past 3.5 years have been the most arduous. 2013 I went to my first writers conference, totally out of my comfort zone. I've been involved with two writer's groups. 2015 I went to another conference and received a reference for an editor. 2016 I called the editor and we formed a relationship.  She put me through the ringer with her thorough analysis of my book. And her advice was just one aspect of editing. Who knew you could hire someone for structure or grammar, or content, etc. But you don't get it all at once, or you could but you'll pay for that too. The past 6 months have been honing in on cleaning up my book, yet again, for the umpteenth millionth time! The past 2-3 months I have been living and breathing the formatting (the technical layout, etc of the book) to prepare it for self-publishing.

I have done much research, burning the candle at both ends while working full time. I can't claim to have kept a clean house during this time but I have managed to feed my husband. He did say the other day, "Enough of this starving artist thing, I'm hungry!"

I've never done this before and right now I make no promises to do it again! I'm tired, exhausted, and feeling fat! The starving artist part didn't seem to work for me as well as for my husband.

A proof of my book came Monday, as in yesterday! Now I'm going through it one more time. This is very daunting, surreal, and exciting to see all these years of hard work in book form! If all goes well, I should be able to announce next week that it is available on Amazon.

In addition to the late nights for formatting, I have recently secured a domain name, email address and started a new website for my book. The website is still in it's infant stages but is accessible.

From this blog-look in the right side bar and see a link that says about Wounded Song. Click on it and it should take you to my new website

Book related contact is:

I'm sorry this post isn't a blog blog, but I wanted to let you know what I've been up to.

Most of you know my story or bits of my story but so there is no mystery, my book is primarily about my abusive childhood. It shows how a kid can slowly dissolve and shut down during the every day life stuff of playing, going to school, church, etc. and eventually find healing with her parents.

If this topic interests you or you know someone you think might be interested, please share it with them. If you think you'd like to come to the book launch please let me know and if you're on facebook, let me know so I can send you the online event invite.

My book launch is:

If I haven't made it clear, I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm nervous, I'm excited!
Thank you to everyone from over the years. You've supported and encouraged me by reading my blogs, giving feed back, cheering on my book, just putting up with me, or in one manner or other by being a friend even though I often said I can't come out to play because I have to work on my book. It has been part of the fuel that has kept me going when I wanted to burn my book and quit.
Thank you!
I will let you know when it is officially on Amazon!


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