Introduction to Book (excerpt)

excerpt from introduction in my book:

I believe in the depth of our soul there is a life song that sings our stories, which swell to our surface seeking joyous release. It reminds us we are alive and that the art of us was created for the purpose of sharing the message within. But we must beware, for there is an invisible enemy anxious to squash our story and snuff out our light.

God only knows the topic of abuse isn’t original. So what would I gain by exposing the 30 year-old dirty laundry I'm supposed to hide? It occurred to me I was wounded and I no longer wanted to remain enslaved to the emotional confusion of my past. Perhaps what I’d gain is freedom from the lies of the abuse.

Do-gooders threw many platitudes my way which added to my confusion; "time heals all wounds," "forgive," and "honor your parents." You're kidding right? Forgive the abuse and honor the person who beat me and the one who stayed quiet? Seriously? Aren't I allowed to be angry? Cry? Grieve? Give the silent treatment? It's not my fault that I was abused.

The family photo album puzzled me. It appeared filled with love because of the many pictures and smiles, but was void of those showing the alcoholic parent or the silence of the other one who never said anything. The pictures could not show the dark cloud on a sunny day or the heaviness of the air in our home....


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